GE Transforms Itself, Thanks to Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud

July 31, 2017 Christian Foster

As GE senior director of digital operations Patrick Weeks explains in the video below, Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud has enabled GE to shed unused infrastructure and evolve into an even more cloud-mature organization. GE’s overall cloud migration has been a game changer, says Weeks, enabling the company to become even more innovative.

To help GE cut its operating costs and increase innovation, Weeks and his colleagues decided to move many of its healthcare apps from its on-premises data centers to a hosted private cloud.

The results of the cloud migration (as you will see) have been tremendous. Among other things, GE moved 70 apps to the cloud in just six weeks.

As Weeks discusses in the video of his OpenStack Summit Boston keynote speech, three key strategies enabled GE to meet its ambitious goals:


  1. Get buy-in from every stakeholder

To ensure the success of the cloud migration, Weeks and his colleagues got “a commitment from IT to business to the end users who test the system,” he says. They also made sure that security and compliance were involved with the migration from the start.

  1. Recruit a set of top-notch problem solvers

GE’s cloud migration succeeded because Weeks also made a special effort to recruit employees “who are technical problem-solvers and champions for [the] mission, and for whom ‘no’ is not an option.”

  1. Set an impossible goal

Setting a seemingly unattainable target makes it possible to achieve success not only today but also in the future. “Without an impossible goal,” says Weeks, “it will not drive the creativity that is necessary, you will not build the capabilities necessary to go to the next level, and volume in the cloud is ultimately where you need to be. That’s how you realize the cost benefits.”

An “awesome” platform

Weeks selected Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud because GE “needed to securely access internal applications,” he says. “We could have done it in a public cloud, but it would have been very complex, expensive and time consuming. And we wanted to simplify our journey to the cloud.”

Colleagues inside GE, including Weeks’ CTO, “questioned until the very end whether we’d be able to reach our goal.” But Weeks became confident during the first week of the migration when a hard-to-impress GE Healthcare architect told him, after several days of testing the GE infrastructure on Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud, “This platform must be made of awesome.”

In the end, not only did Weeks and his team achieve their “impossible goal” and move 70 apps to a private cloud in just six weeks, but they also have armed themselves with an open source platform that will enable them to cost-effectively innovate for years to come.

Watch the video now:

About the author

Christian Foster is the Senior Director of Marketing for the OpenStack Cloud business. A Racker since 2013, he has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and strategy roles including eCommerce, brand management, product marketing, operations, demand generation, executive communications, media relations, and corporate strategy. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Baylor University and is a native of Austin, Texas. When he is not on the golf course or working out, Christian and his wife Megan can be found spending time with their 11-year-old daughter, seven-year-old son, and a King Charles Spaniel named Ellie.


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