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August 3, 2017 Jeff Cotten

Jeff CottenBy Jeff Cotten, Rackspace President

In my meetings with customers, I’m constantly asked two questions:

"What have you and your customers done to solve a problem similar to mine?" and "What are you doing to continue to invest in service and product capabilities?"

In an effort to more effectively communicate with our customers and prospects and to share some of the challenges we’re helping solve for, we’re publishing this inaugural edition of our quarterly newsletter focused on these questions. 

Every day, we help customers move applications out of their corporate data centers and into a managed services model, whether it’s through managed hosting, managed private clouds or managed public clouds — or a combination of these three models.

According to RightScale’s most recent State of the Cloud Report, the typical company today is using four clouds in production, and is experimenting with another four. That’s in addition to the workloads those companies continue to run in their corporate data center. Eighty-five percent of the companies surveyed in the report are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy.

Industry analysts expect this trend to last for a decade or longer. The catch is that this multi-cloud world is complex and constantly evolving. Specialized expertise is required to determine which workloads should run on which platforms, and to get all of them working together.

It is that theme that underscores this inaugural edition of Rack Connection. I encourage you to read it, to share it with your colleagues and to give us your feedback. I hope you’ll find the content helpful and applicable to some of the challenges and opportunities you’re facing. For those of you who aren't yet customers, I also hope you will get a sense for the type of long-term partnership we aim to build with our customers.

In this inaugural installment, you can learn more about:

  • How GE is modernizing 70 applications and moving to a private cloud solution.
  • Why businesses are increasingly using multiple clouds and how they’re meeting the challenge of managing them all.
  • Our recent investment to help customers manage SAP, Oracle ERP and other enterprise applications.
  • How we’re partnering more closely with AWS to build a more connected customer experience.

As always, thank you for spending time with us.

Jeff Cotten

About the author

Jeff Cotten serves as president of Rackspace, and is responsible for executing the company's vision and strategy. Previously, Jeff oversaw three key areas of the business: global sales, international operations and our fastest-growing product lines, including Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services (FAWS), Rackspace Managed Security and our support for customers who use complex ecommerce and content-management solutions. Jeff also led our efforts to develop solutions for the growing number of customers who are using multiple clouds — across AWS, the Microsoft Cloud, OpenStack, VMware and dedicated servers. He then directed our more than half-billion dollar business outside the Americas. Working from our offices in London and Zurich, Jeff was responsible for sales, marketing and operations across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. Jeff joined Rackspace in 2008 and served in a number of key roles, including as the founder and leader of our first Strategic Deal Center, director of sales operations and leader of our first team focused on accelerating the growth of our Fortune 1000 customers. A native of Dallas, Jeff began his career at EDS where he managed the company's relationship with one of its 50 largest clients for more than 10 years. Jeff earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Texas and a master's degree in engineering management from Southern Methodist University. He is an innovator, author and contributor to seven patents. 


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