Six Alarming Facts About Data Breaches

October 26, 2017

Your customers trust you to keep their data secure. However, data breaches are a frighteningly common occurrence for companies of all sizes. Compromised companies not only lose the trust of their customers and the public, but they can suffer financially due to recovery costs, lost employee productivity and sometimes extensive brand damage.

That’s why Rackspace has launched Privacy and Data Protection (PDP), a security solution to help you identify your organization’s sensitive business data, safeguard it with extra protection and supply you with detailed reports about your data and its protection.

Pro Tip: Get Expert Help
Many businesses know their security team could benefit from some outside assistance. Use PDP with Rackspace Managed Security Services or Compliance Assistance to better fortify your business.

Rackspace Managed Security takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity by actively searching for threats, using advanced technology and data analysis. Once an attacker or breach is identified, we take immediate action in order to mitigate the amount of possible damage to you, your partners and your customers.

Want More Information? 

This blog post provides more details about PDP and how it can help customers meet their compliance requirements around securing data at rest.


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