Powering Next-Level Security with VMware Technology

September 11, 2017

As a technical professional who has spent most of my career working in sales and marketing support roles for technology and services companies, I’m in awe of my peers who work in industry roles that put them on the front lines of managing the safety and security of their organization’s infrastructure and applications.

On the heels of the high profile Equifax breach and the recent news that all 3 billion of Yahoo’s user accounts were compromised, we’re reminded of how far reaching and impactful information security measures must be. In today’s digitally enabled world, the stakes have never been higher for businesses everywhere and their customers. 

An Evolving Landscape

Today’s attacks are increasingly sophisticated, and as a result the task of protecting your company’s data and customers grows increasingly complex. IT professionals tasked with maintaining the security and availability of the technology that powers their business have an incredibly important and tough job.

Acquiring and maintaining the necessary skills and staying abreast of the latest trends and tactics employed by hostile actors requires significant time and resources. These are simply beyond the reach of many small and mid-sized organizations. 

Enabling Experts with Technology

Since our earliest days as a company, Rackspace has helped our customers plot a course through the complexity of a rapidly evolving IT and business landscape by combining best-of-breed technology with world-class expertise. As a company of operators tasked with putting technology to work to create outcomes for our customers, we choose our technology partners wisely.

Customers Benefit from our Strong Partnerships

VMware has been a long time Rackspace partner, and VMware technology has played a significant part in Rackspace’s success in helping our customers succeed, including on the ever-changing terrain of cybersecurity. As VMware’s technology has evolved to help propel their customers toward a software-defined future, Rackspace support for solutions such as VMware NSX helps Rackspace customers benefit from virtual network architectures that enable capabilities such as micro-segmentation that were never possible in the hardware-defined networking models of the past.

At VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, Jarret Raim — head of strategy and operations for Rackspace Managed Security — joined VMware onstage along with our partners at Phantom to discuss how technology is crucial to enabling an effective security operation.  VMware technology such as VMware NSX and vRealize Automation are creating new opportunities for IT and security operations teams to partner together to define security policy in a world of automated service delivery. 

Raim and our partners at Phantom also discussed how Rackspace was able to automate an incident response workflow for to combat Phishing attacks. In the recorded presentation, Raim speaks in depth about how a process that once required 90 minutes of an analyst’s time, and required cross-referencing information from as many as 10 different security products, was completely automated.

To learn more about how you can leverage VMware technologies to improve your security operations, watch the full presentation.


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